What's it like to be a bat?



Just to see where the comments of the question goes.

Man, this comments are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in a forum! I love it :slight_smile:

What about this option? I think this could actually be better because Bacon ipsum dolor amet tenderloin tail spare ribs drumstick pork chop. Ball tip brisket meatloaf ham hock.

Kielbasa short loin short ribs leberkas brisket. Boudin tri-tip ground round, jowl cow beef ribs pork chop. Turkey flank alcatra frankfurter pastrami. Cow ham hock meatball pork chop swine.

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This is a test.
It means I am testing.

Me too. Just testing.

Well mostly you think about mosquitos.

just a note about your comment

one more thing… how does it look when someone posts a second comment? The same person

comment to the base post is here

some test comment. some test comment

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this is an answer. Can I try to answer this?

can i comment myself?

this is a comment

This is my latest answer to this thorny question

Geez that’s not a great response dude

A gorgeous furry little think, with amazing technology - so long as it’s not in my hair nor carrying viruses

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